Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Favourite pictures from the garden fair in June "Mit Hjem er mit Slot" in Copenhagen.

It is funny how your focus changes, some periods it is green you focus on, next it is yellow, but this past garden fair "mit Hjem er mit Slot" in June it was brown and white that was pretty dominating in my focus. Also rustic vintage and antiques cought my eye this time.

Here are my absolutely favourite shoots from the fair, again this year I was hired to take pictures during the show, I love that job.

Best regards
Tina Brok


  1. Such absolutely beautiful images!! So soothing and pleasing, actually, perhaps because they are very natural/neutral/comfortable colors?! What a fun job - wow! =)

    Katy Noelle

  2. Thank you so very much Kathy, and I really enjoy your very bright and
    feminine pictures on your blog. Have a fantastic summer.
    All the best