Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blomsterskuret featured in new book

My friend Martin Reinicke the owner of Blomsterskuret in Copenhagen has been featured in a new book Floral Contemporary together with other very talented floralists from around the world. Nice to see our work in such a luxury book. Thanks to Olivier Dupont.

Tina Brok

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vintage love.

Simply just love vintage for my home, and could buy it all, but have to control myself, especially as my boyfriend complains - Oh, more old rubbish.......he says, but he accepts it, but is not as big a fan as I am. These vintage love pictures I have taken at the garden fair Mit Hjem er mit Slot in june.

These vintage pieces are from my two favourite shops at the fair:

Petit Hellerup
Standvejen 136A
2900 Hellerup

My Vintage home
7000 Fredericia

Sunday, July 13, 2014

New vintage shop in town.

My friend Inge Bøggild has opened a new shop
closer to Copenhagen in Hellerup selling her
fantastic vintage interior from France and Sweeden
The shop is so much worth a visit:
Petit Hellerup
Strandvejen 136A
2900 Hellerup
Open:wedensday - saturday

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New visit to Gisselfeld Klostercafe.

Have taken new pictures at Gisselfeld Klostercafe in Haslev, south of Copenhagen.
The cafe is now run by the couple behind Villa Gallina Nicholas and Lise Dark, and they have also
changed the interior, that gives a lighter and very summerly look.
They serve open Danish sandwiches, coffee and cakes.
Lovely for a nice weekend excursion, and a visit to the park and, Paradehuset.
And I had the pleasure of drinking coffee with the countess, how often can you say that....hi hi

Tina Brok

Monday, April 21, 2014

Ismageriet - the best icecream ever.

When visiting Ismageriet in Amager Copenhagen you are meet with these sweet girls, and a lot of other sweet girls, as they are very buisy out there at Ismageriet at Kongelunden serving the most fantastic home made icecream, freshly made every morning. Early every morning they start the icecream production in the little icecream lab in the bag, all with natural ingredients. That is what makes the fantastic icecream - fresh every day and good ingredients.

Together with the very creative owner Kim Simonsen I made new photos for Ismageriets homepage,
and we think they turned out quite well. Ismageriet used to be an old bakery, that Kim with great respect for the original interior turned into the little Ice bar. Ismageriet really has the atmosphere of an ice bar from the 50`s, a real gift to photographe. I can absolutely rekommend a trip out at Amager to Ismageriet, to try their fantastic icecream.

Kongelundsvej 116
2300 København S