Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Old classic craftsmanship - Linseed oil paint production.

It is always a great pleasure to shoot pictures in this old traditional paint fabric
Farvefabrikken Skovgaard & Frydensberg just outside Copenhagen.

Skovgaard & Frydensberg produce linseed oil paint, after old tradional methods.
Their colors can be seen all over Copenhagen on the cityes old buildings. They also deliver their handcrafted Linseed oil paint to Danish Castles, Tivioli, the green park benches and the red gates of Dyrehaven.

We have made a new catalogue, and here are some of the new pictures. Find link to the catalogue below.


Find the full catalogue www.skovfryd.dk
Farvefabrikken Skovgaard & Frydensberg
Gadestævnet 6-8
2650 Hvidovre
+45 36 75 32 22