Friday, October 14, 2011

Moshi Moshi backyard and flower bouquets.

Some special days you just feel so incredible fortunate, I had such a day yesterday. Nice people, nice weather, beautiful surroundings and flowers, good coffee and everything aesthetic.

I was so lucky that I could borrow a little fantastic backyard, where I could shoot two more flower bouquets for my and my friend Martin Reinickes postcard series.

In the nice area, where my studio is located (Tullinsgade/Vaernedamsvej) the clothing shop Moshi Moshi has a fantastic little shop, with this wonderful backyard. Really somthing special - an oasis in the big city of Copenhagen.

I am very happy about the result of the two flower postcard, and need to share the beautiful surrondings here with you.


Moshi Moshi is one of my favorite fashion shops, luxurios and comortable clothing, and I got tempted - I fell in love with the brown Cashmere cardigan above.
See the fantastic clothing in Moshi Moshi Web shop.

The flower bouquets are made by Blomsterskuret Martin Reinicke.


Thank you so very much to Moshi Moshi Tullinsgade, for giving me a couple of hours in their fabulous backyard. I am so greateful.

Tina Brok

Monday, October 10, 2011

Munkholm Saltscrub and Soaps.

Just before the summer holidays I shoot these pictures for Tina Munkholm, who runs the company Munkholm, that produce these luxurious products; Saltscrubs, soaps, bathproducts ect.

Tina and I styled and shoot this series in her garden a very sunny July day, hard work, but very inspiring and motivation with these very esthetic products.

Best regards

Tina Brok

Flowers Postcards.

PrettyImages Flower Postcards have been produced in cooperation with my good friend Martin Reinicke, who have a fantastic flowershop Blomsterskuret in my studio street.

We have the postcard printet in a small version A7 - (7,5 x 10,5), and sell them in Martins unique shop Blomsterskuret.

PrettyImage Postcards

Best Regards
Tina Brok

Skovgaard & Frydensberg - Paint of the highest quality.

Some time ago I was so lucky to get the assigment from the Danish paint company Skovgaard & Frydensberg to make their new catalog. I got totally free hands to style and shoot and worked with a graphic designer, who set up the catalog, and who had totally respect for the pictures, and gave them so much space in the catalog.
What a dream job.

I spent 3 days in the fantastic fabric filled with so many old cool things from when the fabric started; old brushes, stamps, weights ect. This and all the nice looking paint buckets and glasbottles - great choice of packaging - made my shooting so much easier.

Another thing that made this job memorable was the very good working environment at the little fabric. Everyone were very frindly and on top of that we heard Tibetan Shanting music all day long, as one of the workers had converted to Buddhism some years ago and on top of that they had a Tibetan Lama working there aswell. He was so friendly to write the colurs in Tibetan for me on this colorboard.

Skovgaard & Frydensberg

See the Catalog

Best regards
Tina Brok

©2011 Tina Brok Hansen