Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back from summer holiday.

Sunday the last evening of my summer holiday, so back to normal life and work tomorrow.
We had 14 fantastic days with absolutely great summer weather, which was so very lucky
as we had decided to spent most of our days in Denmark, where there is no garanti for good
weather. Usually we go to southern Europe with sun garanti.

We were going on three mini vacations - three long weekends and the rest of our days we would just
hang out in hometown Copenhagen.

Just before my holiday I gave in, I bought myself an iPhone, had refused it for so long, how stupid,
I simply love it now, particular the camera and all the nice photo apps. So nice to take a photo and
poste it right away..........sometime I am so thickheaded.

So now I am also on Instagram with following profile:
It would be nice to see you following me there.

Well first trip we went to Jutland the mainland of Denmark, picked up my mother, who lives in
Ebeltoft and moved up to the absolutely top of Danmark to Skagen, where the two seas Kattegat
and North Sea meets. Fascinating and rough nature.

We stayed one night at the beautiful and very romantic Hjorths Badehotel at Kandestederne.
Great dinner where we celebrated my mothers birthsday.

Back again in Ebeltoft staying with my mother we visited this great museum, it was like stepping
back in time. In the old days they were dying and printing textiles at this little farm, and you really got a very good view in how they lived and worked then. And I with my phone and apps went photo

Next mini vacation was 4 days in lovely London, and it was warm............would like to go back soon.
I mannaged The London Eye despite my klaustrofobia, I actually enjoyed it, it was nice and cool inside the cabin.

Back in Denmark again we had a weekend in northeren Seeland at my favorite place Tisvildeleje.
Spent a couple of nights at the romantic Helenekilde Badehotel and had an absolute good dinner menu, would love to go again soon aswell.

A very nice summer holiday with a lot of impressions.

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