Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A little Christmas mood

It has been a very buisy December here with jobs, making catalogue for Fabric Copenhagen, freelance shooting and article makings, so too little time for blogging.
Here just a little Christmas mood from my Instagram

Have some fantastic Christmas days.

Best wishes
Tina Brok

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

MAX A5 - art exhibition now for the 3rd time

This comming Saturday 23rd November 2013 we are for the 3rd time having the art exhibition Max A5 in my old studio at værnedamsvej 7A in Copenhagen from 11 to 17. You are all so very welcome. We sell the art pieces at very low prices from Dkr. 100 to Dkr. 350,-, it is almost a give away. There are so many nice art pieces, and we are looking so much forward to Saturday.
Hope to see you there.
Below are my contribution to the exhibition, 3 pictures from negatives I have taken 10 years ago with a Holga Camera on Kodac film. I actually forgot about them and found them amoung my old negatives and had them scanned for Max A5


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Old classic craftsmanship - Linseed oil paint production.

It is always a great pleasure to shoot pictures in this old traditional paint fabric
Farvefabrikken Skovgaard & Frydensberg just outside Copenhagen.

Skovgaard & Frydensberg produce linseed oil paint, after old tradional methods.
Their colors can be seen all over Copenhagen on the cityes old buildings. They also deliver their handcrafted Linseed oil paint to Danish Castles, Tivioli, the green park benches and the red gates of Dyrehaven.

We have made a new catalogue, and here are some of the new pictures. Find link to the catalogue below.


Find the full catalogue
Farvefabrikken Skovgaard & Frydensberg
Gadestævnet 6-8
2650 Hvidovre
+45 36 75 32 22

Saturday, September 7, 2013

French Vintage in Gilleleje - north of Copenhagen.

Last weekend my girlfriend Inge Bøggild had a big sale in her newly opened shop LE GARAGE
in Gilleleje 40 minutes north of Copenhagen. She had just come home from France with a lot of vintage founds.
Inge is a fantastic stylist and has so many great styling ideas. I had promised to come by with my camera and take some pictures of the day for her web. I had had a very buisy week, and were looking forward to the weekend and a little relaxation. and I must certanly say I was so very relaxed, when I parked infront of her shop and was about to grap my camera.....horror it wasn´t there......I simply forgot it....never never ever happened before, and I think will never happen again, so totally crazy.
Well well we could all laugh about it, and luckily I have got a new iPhone, so here iPhone only.
Best regards
and good weeknd
Tina Brok


Le Garage
Stærremosen 44
Open Fri-Sun

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back from summer holiday.

Sunday the last evening of my summer holiday, so back to normal life and work tomorrow.
We had 14 fantastic days with absolutely great summer weather, which was so very lucky
as we had decided to spent most of our days in Denmark, where there is no garanti for good
weather. Usually we go to southern Europe with sun garanti.

We were going on three mini vacations - three long weekends and the rest of our days we would just
hang out in hometown Copenhagen.

Just before my holiday I gave in, I bought myself an iPhone, had refused it for so long, how stupid,
I simply love it now, particular the camera and all the nice photo apps. So nice to take a photo and
poste it right away..........sometime I am so thickheaded.

So now I am also on Instagram with following profile:
It would be nice to see you following me there.

Well first trip we went to Jutland the mainland of Denmark, picked up my mother, who lives in
Ebeltoft and moved up to the absolutely top of Danmark to Skagen, where the two seas Kattegat
and North Sea meets. Fascinating and rough nature.

We stayed one night at the beautiful and very romantic Hjorths Badehotel at Kandestederne.
Great dinner where we celebrated my mothers birthsday.

Back again in Ebeltoft staying with my mother we visited this great museum, it was like stepping
back in time. In the old days they were dying and printing textiles at this little farm, and you really got a very good view in how they lived and worked then. And I with my phone and apps went photo

Next mini vacation was 4 days in lovely London, and it was warm............would like to go back soon.
I mannaged The London Eye despite my klaustrofobia, I actually enjoyed it, it was nice and cool inside the cabin.

Back in Denmark again we had a weekend in northeren Seeland at my favorite place Tisvildeleje.
Spent a couple of nights at the romantic Helenekilde Badehotel and had an absolute good dinner menu, would love to go again soon aswell.

A very nice summer holiday with a lot of impressions.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Favourite pictures from the garden fair in June "Mit Hjem er mit Slot" in Copenhagen.

It is funny how your focus changes, some periods it is green you focus on, next it is yellow, but this past garden fair "mit Hjem er mit Slot" in June it was brown and white that was pretty dominating in my focus. Also rustic vintage and antiques cought my eye this time.

Here are my absolutely favourite shoots from the fair, again this year I was hired to take pictures during the show, I love that job.

Best regards
Tina Brok

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Petit Gilleleje - lunch in the fishing village.

These food shoots and pitures from the fisher village Gilleleje, north of Seeland, Denmark was
published yesterday in the new version of the Danish magazine Isabellas

Inge Bøggild, that runs the shop Petit Gilleleje, and her daughter Camilla Bøggild made the fantastic
lunch, with fresh fish from the harbour, salad, rosehip and apple chutney and homemade bread.
Camilla made the various sweets, the fresh strawberries glazed in sugar and the fantastic purple merinque served with passionfruit and chocolate creme and blueberries.

Find the recipe for the glazed strawberries at

Best regards and a very fantastic summer to all of you.

Tina Brok