Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Urban Beeing

This August I had an article in the Danish magazine CountryLiv about Urban Beeing in Copenhagen.
It was such a pleasure to meet beekeeper Robin Kastrup from Robins Biavl and his very friendly bees in Frederiksberg Garden. I had my head and camera so close to the bees without any protection, a little scary, but Robin reasured me that his bees are very friendly. And as they can feel you are calm and a good person they feel safe, Robin said.
Frederiksberg is a very good city area for the bees, as there are many gardens with a lot of different flowers, so the bees have may months to collect the polllen and flower dust.
City honey are clean despite of city polution, the bees stomacks filter impurities away from the honey. In the countryside there can actually be pesticides in the honey from the farming.

I had nice city bee honey home with me.

Best regards