Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scraps by Christine Clemmensen for Isabellas Magazine.

Christine Clemmensen and I made this article for The Danish lifestyle magazine Isabellas for this August 2012 issue. Christine my very good friend and blog partner on is master of Scraps and made these fantastic Scraps.We had fun styling them and I did the photowork.
Yes, hard work but we had great fun, good coffee and nice lunch, which is important for being creative.

Below are some of my favorite shoots, some used in the Magazine and some are extra shoots.
I really love the old box with all the old stamps, the tray with some old goodies Christine has collected during her years of doing scraps. She goes to fleemarkets and secondhand shops to find her treasures, keeps old giftpaper, wrappings and other things most of us throw in the bin, but for Chtistine small jewels.  Christine also made a very interesting book about doing Scraps with our former boss Elsebeth Günther, you can find the book on her blog.


  1. These are incredible! I so much wish that that the Norwegian Isabella's still was around, it was such a beautiful magazine.

  2. Thank you very much Anna, yes Isabella is a cozy Magazine, and we are very happy to have our work in it. So fantastic flowers you have on you blog. Best regards tina